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ABOUT OUR FlexFIT Group X Classes

Boot Camp

Use your own body weight & resistance equipment for a military style workout. 

Cardio and Core

Alternating circuits of hi/low cardio energy that will get your heart rate up and burn calories with core driven exercises to strengthen and engage the center of your body.  

Chakra Flo Yoga

Conditioning that improves your body’s energetic centers (chakras) to feel more centered and positive.

Drums Alive

A unique class that combines traditional aerobic movements with the powerful beat and rhythm of drums using a pair of drumsticks on a large exercise ball. Unleash your inner rock star. 

Flexibility and Flow

A 45-minute class designed specifically to encourage families to spend time working out together. Let’s set a good example for our kids by showing them how important our health is. This workout will show you how to use only your body for a complete and challenging workout the whole family can engage in. 

Full Body Strength

This workout will challenge and condition your entire body using compound and isolation exercises that will help to maintain/increase muscle strength and joint mobility. 


A multi-circuit workout mixing in cardio, strength, bodyweight and core exercises. Get it all in one class! 


Punch, kick & jab your way into a great workout using your entire body. 

Let’s Get Specific

This workout will focus on a specific part of the body, group of muscles, modality, equipment, and/or movement per class. 


An osteoporosis program designed to strengthen muscles and prevent falls by introducing weight bearing exercises & balance techniques.  


A system of exercises designed to Improve physical strength, stability, flexibility, posture, and enhance mental awareness. 

Silver Sneakers

Designed for seniors 60+ to increase muscular strength, range of motion and skills required to remain active. Chairs can be used for support, stretching and relaxation. 

Silver Sneakers Cardio

A modified cardio class with anaerobic activity. Charis can be used for support.

Silver Sneakers Yoga

A seated yoga that combines stretching & breathing exercises to relieve stress. 


An intense cardio workout using stationary bikes at your own pace. 


Physical, mental and spiritual practice designed to tone, strengthen  and align the body.


A workout that includes a fuse of Latin & international dances. 

On Demand Library


Can’t make a class at its scheduled time? NO PROBLEM!

Now you can enjoy a variety of our FlexFit Group Fitness classes through our On-Demand Fitness library in the comfort of your own home, at a time convenient for you!

Available through our “MY J” app or at miyjcc.org

New For Spring

Be Specific: A Mini Series Broken Out by Discipline

A four-part intensive series to incorporate into your regular workout program. Arm Shredder and Booty Builder Series Available Now…

Click here for next start date and to register

YOU GOT THIS – Accountability Program

Are you struggling with staying accountable both in your fitness and nutrition goals? Join Joy Kubelka with a NEW Accountability program to help you get on track. This program will give you daily healthy habits and goals, food posting guidelines, fitness tracking calendar, and strict rules to follow all on one convenient app.

Two packages are available for purchase. Get just our Accountability Program with Joy or the Accountability Program and 4 personal training sessions with one of our other trainers.

Duration: 4 weeks.  Click here to for the next start date and to register

Wellness Walking Club

Join a Mid-Island Y JCC organized group of walkers led by a certified health coach. Walk and talk about suggested wellness topics. Group will meet by the entrance
of the walking path off of Washington Ave. This 45-minute walk will end at the Mid-Island Y JCC with a picnic on our lawn.

For more information, please contact Barbara Sachs Traina at CLICK HERE

GroupFit Circuit Training

Join us for our NEW addition GroupFit Circuit Training! A small group training led by one of our group fitness instructors or personal trainers in our fitness equipment outdoor tent. A combination of machine and bodyweight training to challenge your physical strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Mondays | 11:30 am-12:15 pm
Tuesdays | 5:30-6:15 pm