ARTHUR BLANK, Good Company

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Arthur M. Blank, Good Company

ZOOM Webinar Author Talk + Q & A

Presented in partnership with The Atlanta History Center and the National JCC Literary Consortium

Sponsored by the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival

In Good Company, Arthur Blank shares a visionary roadmap of how purpose and profit can—and should—go hand-in-hand for companies  large  and small. He reveals never-been-told stories about his abrupt departure from Home Depot, his feelings in the moments and days following the devastating Super Bowl LI, the building and rapid success of Atlanta United, the NFL protests that began in 2016, and many other stories about his purpose-driven philanthropy and the ups and downs in a life of unimaginable business success in multiple settings. Blank illustrates how the values-based culture The Home Depot was built on, and still uses today, can transcend across  any  business or  organization.

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