Aquatics Center

Dolphin Swim Team

Season will start September 20, 2021 and will run through June 23, 2022

Registration for returning swimmers starts Friday September 3rd


Thursday September 9th 5-7pm

Tuesday September 14th 5-8pm

Sunday September 19th 3-5pm

Please use the signup link to secure your spot.

Additional days & times can be scheduled after the season starts by request.

Practice Schedule:

Monday & Wednesday Competitive B 5-6pm (2 lanes) – Max 16

Competitive A, Junior Elite, Elite 6:15-7:45pm (4 lanes) – Max 32

Tuesday & Thursday Developmental & Competitive B 5-6pm (4 lanes) – Max 32

Competitive A, Junior Elite, Elite 6:15-7:45pm (6 lanes) – Max 48

Sundays 2 lanes 3-4 (Maximum 16)

4 lanes 4-5 (Maximum 32)

Maximum Capacity of entire team 128 swimmers

Sundays – you must register in the reservation system located on our website 3 days in advance for the time you’d like to participate. Sundays would be run like a stroke clinic. Sunday Clinics start October 3rd.

We are not supplying any equipment to borrow.

Equipment required: to be purchased by swimmers

We are not supplying any equipment to borrow.

Developmental- Equipment Bag, Fins, Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Bathing Suit, Towel & Goggles

Comp B, Comp A, Junior Elite, Elite – Equipment Bag, Fins, Kickboard, Pull Buoy, Ankle Locks, Snorkel, Bathing Suit, Towel & Goggles

Practices are designed with the use of equipment. Failure to have equipment results in swimmers not being able to fully participate and benefit from the practices.


Fees: To be automatically charged monthly.

Developmental & Comp B Fee: $160

Member Discount Fee: $112

Comp A, Junior Elite, Elite Fee: $170

Member Discount Fee: $124

Any cancellations must complete and submit cancellation form 30 days prior to avoid being charged. There are no refunds.


Returning swimmers: Begin the week of September 20th.

New Swimmers: Begin either Wednesday September 22nd or Thursday September 23rd.

SUNDAY CLINIC PRACTICES: Begin Sunday October 3rd






SWIM MEETS: We will be having swim meets this 2021-22 season with teams in the Metro JCC Swim League. Meets will be scheduled 1-2 times per month on Sunday afternoons starting November. More information will come out once the season starts.

USA Swim Option: More info to come. This gives additional opportunities to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned meets.


General Team Information:

·         All Swimmers must check in at the Member Check in, have their temperature taken at the door and complete the health screening.

·         Everyone entering the building must wear a mask and keep the mask on until they are about to enter the pool. One they exit the pool the mask must go back on.

·         Please do not come on the deck for practice until the previous swimmers are off the deck and the area has been sanitized. The staff will let you know when to enter.

·         All Swimmers need to clear off the deck and out of the pool area at the conclusion of practice. No congregating or hanging out on the pool deck before or after practice.

·         Parents may not be on the pool deck during practice.

·         Swimmers may not use the locker rooms, there is a restroom on the pool deck for lavatory purposes only. Please come changed and leave in swimsuits. No changing on deck or in the restrooms

·         Swimmers will be 4-6 to a lane having 2-3 on each side of the lane and must maintain social distancing.

·         Each swimmer must have their own equipment. The JCC no longer is able to have equipment to borrow, including goggles.

·         The JCC will no longer be able to have a lost and found. Any equipment left will be discarded at the end of the day.

·         You will not be able to change the days you are registered for due to reduced capacity, social distancing and COVID tracing protocols that need to be maintained. We cannot allow and changes or walk-ins.

·         Max number per time slot is 24 or 36 depending on the day.


Family Responsibilities:

·         We are all in the Covid-19 fight together and we believe that we can all do our part to keep our Community safe.

·         Parents will adhere to sick child policies and other protocols.

·         Families will continue to shelter in place, to the best of their ability and follow face covering and physical distancing directives when out in public.

·         Parents will make sure children are not displaying possible symptoms of Covid-19 when they are dropped off at the JCC.

·         Parents will not bring a child to the JCC when anyone in their household has possible symptoms of Covid-19.

·         Parents agree to keep their child home for two weeks, after a trip, if the child has flown in an airplane.

·         Parents will consider, understand and acknowledge that every decision they make for their family in terms of safety has the potential to affect every family in their child’s team.

Thank you for your cooperation in allowing all of us to have a fun, safe, and healthy team!






Deidra Clark-Towers
Aquatics Center Director
(516) 822-3535, x330
[email protected]

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